Differences Between Dab Rigs and Bongs

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Thinking back a couple of years prior, bongs were administering the universe of cannabis as the main technique for utilization. It was straightforward – clients would pound their preferred strain, pack the bowl and light it. More current weed accessories entered the market later and have developed as of late to significantly more propelled variants. Dab rigs were presented as of late as a technique for getting truly elevated in a split second. These apparatuses utilize a blow light to warm the issue before breathing in the smoke through the mouthpiece simply like in bongs. Let us attempt to see how dab rigs are not quite the same as bongs.


Bongs as well as dab rigs are utilized as consumption strategies for weed accessories yet they work in an unexpected way. While bongs are intended to work with dried flower, dab rigs are planned for wax and focuses. Bongs work through ignition, warming the spice with a lighter before breathing in the smoke. Dab rigs, then again, use warmth to disintegrate the issue which is then breathed in. The issue is generally warmed utilizing a light.


With regards to the degree of percolation, bongs vary from dab rigs. Higher percolation is better if there should arise an occurrence of bongs where various parts offer filtration and cooling to smoke to make the hit smoother and cooler. Despite the quantity of percolators in a bong, the spice doesn’t lose its flavor or power. Be that as it may, high percolation can bring down the power in dab rigs. The fume delivered from concentrate can get less compelling in the event that it goes through a lot of cooling and filtration. This is the reason excellent dab rigs highlight only one percolator.

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While the greatest bong is the most alluring, dab rigs are not proposed to be tremendous. On account of bongs, there is no issue of losing the power of smoke delivered from spice. Adding various percolators to protract the way of the smoke in a bong is an extraordinary method to guarantee a sifted, smoothed hit. The smoke chills off before arriving at your lungs, giving you smoother hits. The experience you get from breathing in from a bong with percolator and that without one is very unique. The fume delivered from concentrated oil disperses inside the water and loses its strength. You ought to breathe in the fume from an apparatus as fast as could reasonably be expected and this is the reason dab rigs are littler in size.


Bongs are utilized with bowls which hold the plant matter for ignition. They are either made of metal or glass and effectively withstand the temperature. Dab rigs are to some degree diverse as they require a tough connection considered nails that withstand the high temperature. Nails are commonly produced using titanium or earthenware and accessible in different styles. Nails work like dishes; you heat them to disintegrate the pack in them and breathe in.

While these two weed accessories have their own capacities, it is conceivable to utilize an apparatus to smoke dried flower and smoke concentrate from a bong. You can utilize the proper connections to make this conceivable. Be that as it may, they are apparatuses and fill exceptional needs dependent on their individual plans and you can discover them in ItsPrimo.